Pfoltner’s Pfanfares Band Instruments

pfoltner-pfanfaresGood quality, used brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments, with honest service and reasonable prices.

Great for those looking for a new school instrument (we are teachers as well).

(Note–we do not carry guitars, string instruments, pianos, or electronics. We specialize in what we know.)


The following is a general listing of instruments currently available. Email or call for more specific information.

Availability subject to change.

Located in Lincoln , NE, call  402-438-3149.


All instruments have been checked by a qualified repairman and are ready to play.


Trumpets & Cornets: Bach, Conn. Price range $150-275

Trombones: Besson, King, Bundy. Price range $150-225

Flutes: Bundy $150

Clarinets: Bundy, Selmer, Vito, Yamaha. Price range $150-275

(Special above–Yamaha Clarinet, Great Shape: $250!)

Alto Saxophones: Bundy, Yamaha. Price range $250-475

Percussion: Snare Drums–Ludwig $150-255

Percussion: Bells–Ludwig $150-250

Misc Accessories: stands, mutes, mouthpieces, reeds, etc. (contact us for prices)

Note: We are also an official Warburton mouthpiece dealer.




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